Friday, May 7, 2021
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You can’t live in the city and expect that, while you are out & about, you will never have to endure Random Encounters with people at some point along your travels. Despite one’s best efforts, sooner or later someone is going to get themself in between where you were coming from and where you were headed… all any of us can do is Soldier through it.

As with everything else in life, these random encounters with my fellow humanoids are the equivalent of a human crap shoot… You just never know how the dice will fall. Some days you roll a 7 and some days you get snake eyes.

These pages Chronicle the delicious randomness of my attempts at minding my own business amongst my fellow riff raff on the streets and the running scorecard on how that’s working out for me.

It's hard to say for sure what goes on in other people's quiet minds.

A Claus Confab

Whether it be fate, karma,destiny, divine intervention... or some combination of them all... maybe - just maybe - all any of us can do is just follow the path we find ourselves on regardless whether we were looking for it or just fell down face first in front of it.
It's fair to say that change is not always pleasant or welcome in life, especially when it is forced upon us - in many cases - against our will. There can be no greater example of this than the current COVID-19 pandemic and the tidal wave of...